Last year, nearly half your colleagues contributed to this survey. This is your chance to have your
voice heard. Collecting data year-over-year is enormously valuable and will help you understand
how others confront the challenge of consumer engagement.

Our goal is to share meaningful information that can help you improve consumer engagement for
the purposes of health behavior change, retention, member experience management, and
administrative interactions. By completing this survey, you will be eligible to receive a free pass to
the upcoming RISE Conference in December where the results will be shared.

The data collected will always be kept strictly confidential. Your identity, the identity of your
organization, and your individual responses will never be shared. The results will help you better
understand how your peers approach similar challenges and where there may be opportunities to
improve your practices.

Thank you very much for your participation.

My job title is: *
2. In my role, I work on the following issues (mark all that apply): *
3. In my role, I work with the following populations (mark all that apply):
4. My organization primarily serves the: *
5. The revenue of the organization I work for is: *
6. My organization is a: *
7. I work for a health plan that is... Please choose all that apply. *
8. I work for a hospital or hospital system that is... Please choose all that apply. *
9. How many beds in your hospital? *
10. I work for a provider organization or ACO that is... Please choose all that apply. *
11. I work for a pharmacy benefit manager that is... Please choose all that apply.
12. I work for an integrated system that is... Please choose all that apply.
13. I work for a vendor to health plans, hospital systems, PBM's, or providers; and our primary focus is...
Please select the best option.
14. The budget for my department is:
15. The attention given to my department by top leadership is:
16. Please estimate the TOTAL size of the budget your department allocated to consumer engagement in the current calendar year. It is OK if you don't know or would rather not say.
17. How many FTE's (full time equivalents) manage this budget?
18. Channel rank
Please rank the channels that your department uses as part of your consumer engagement strategy from most commonly used (1) to the least commonly used (11). If you do not use a channel or tactic, please mark “N/A”.
Questions 19 - 28 focus on the overall success rate of each channel or tactic.
For every 100 members or patients identified for a communication in a given channel, how many successfully take the action? For example, if for every 100 members or patients who received a survey in the mail, 15 completed the survey, enter 15. If you do not use a channel, please leave it blank.
29. Does your department actively engage in testing different tactics? This may be referred to as A/B Testing or Champion/Challenger Testing.
30. How does your department measure the success of consumer engagement programs? Please select all that apply.
31. Impediments
To what extent do the following factors impede your ability to be successful? Please answer on a scale from Significant Impediment, Modest Impediment, No Impediment, I don’t know/Not Applicable.
Sufficient Budget (too expensive)
Sufficient People (right skills)
Good Creative Work
Challenges with Vendors or Partners
Interdepartmental Challenges
Clarity of Goals
Concerns about Privacy
Access to Reliable Member or Patient Data
Procurement (process is difficult)
32. If you were to hire a research firm, like Gartner or IDC, that specialized in consumer engagement research what types of research would you be most interested in? Please select one answer.
33. What are the top three objectives for your department this year: