Many of your colleagues completed our survey on Consumer Engagement.  Today, we are gathering information surrounding the Medicare Stars focus within the industry.  Our goal is to share this information at our upcoming RISE conference on December 12-13, 2017.

The data collected will always be kept strictly confidential. Your identity, the identity of your organization, and your individual responses will never be shared. The results will help you better understand how your peers approach similar challenges and where there may be opportunities to improve your practices.

Thank you very much for your participation.

1. My job title is: *
2. What type of organization do you belong? *
3. In my role, I work on the following issues (mark all that apply): *
4. The portion of Medicare Stars that is most impacted by your work is: *
5. How frequently does your organization update HEDIS rates? *
6. How does your organization monitor HEDIS rates? *
7. How does your organization perform medical record review (MRR)? *
8. What percent of providers give your MRR team access to their EHR? *
9. How frequently does your organization perform member/patient satisfaction surveys throughout the year? *
10. What is your organization's Overall Medicare Star Rating (average if multiple plans) *
What is your organization’s Part C Medicare Star Rating (average if multiple plans)? *
12. What is your organization's Part D Medicare Star Rating (average if multiple plans) *
13. How many employees in your organization spend most of their time focusing on Medicare Stars? *
14. Your 2018 Stars compared to 2017 Stars were: *
15. Regarding spending for improved Medicare Stars for Stars 2019, your organization will: *
16. In 2018, your health plan’s enrollment will include: *
17. Which Part C measures would you want to learn more about (check all that apply) *
18. Which Part D measures would you be interested in learning more about? *