#Data17 - The Expected & The Unexpected

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The Expected

World Class Conference

Despite the recent tragedy, the 2017 Tableau Conference (#Data17) was a well oiled machine just like previous years. The conference app enabled you to plan your agenda ahead of time. The conference was clearly marked with plenty of helpful Tableau employees available to point you in the right direction if needed.

Tableau Community

The Tableau Community is unparalleled in their engagement and enthusiasm. Some 14,000+ attended. A grass roots charity campaign #Data17Donates was spearheaded by Vince Baumel (@quantum_relic) and Jeff St.Germaine(@jeff_stgermaine). This campaign raised over $120,000!

Innovation and Thought Leadership

Tableau has evolved into an End-to-End Analytics Platform as illustrated by the following diagram:

Tableau Platform Slide.png

I won't attempt to mention all the great things coming down the road but here are three big ones:

  1. Hyper
    • Faster analysis of data of all sizes (billions of rows)
    • Much faster extract creation
    • Increased scalability
    • Transparent replacement for the Tableau Data Engine
    • Now available as part of 10.5 beta
  2. Maestro
    • New data prep tool that will be available for purchase
    • Complete Visibility - Coordinated views
    • Make complex tasks simple
    • Instant feedback - Direct manipulation
    • Cycle of analysis - Tableau platform integration
  3. Extensions API
    • Capability to embed functionality within Tableau
    • Think write-back

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The Unexpected

Then there were a few unexpected things:

  • Opportunity to meet keynote speaker Adam Savage from Myth Busters
  • My pic on an approximately 15'x10' banner
  • Featured as one of the people in a custom Tableau Guess Who? game